Has the Housing Market Completely Bounced Back from the Recession?

Mon Mar 2018

It’s been more than a decade since the housing market collapsed, causing home prices to drastically drop – by 35% nationwide – leaving some homeowners owing more on their homes than they were worth. Home prices have been going up since 2011 and are still going higher, but you may be ...

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privacy on linkedin

Why It’s Important to Protect Your Privacy on LinkedIn

Fri Mar 2018

We wanted to share some important information with you for protecting your privacy on LinkedIn. Why would you want to do that, you might ask? Isn’t the point of LinkedIn to connect with others and grow your professional network? While yes, this is true, fraudsters have also learned that they ...

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spring housing market

A Strong Spring Housing Market Expected With Homes Still Moving Fast

Tue Feb 2018

The spring housing market is expected to be a good one with prices still rising, inventory still tight, and homes selling on average in less than two months of being listed. Here are more about these three factors that signal a strong spring housing market, based on information from the ...

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real estate

7 Tips Based on Habits of Super Productive Real Estate Agents

Fri Feb 2018

Every day we work with busy real estate agents, so we get a good sense of just how hard they work, how dedicated they are to their clients, and how much they juggle each day to make their deals work and to reach their own sales goals. Recently, we’ve found ...

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multifamily borrowers

Multifamily Borrowers Get New Incentive to Improve Tenants’ Lives

Mon Feb 2018

Fannie Mae has unveiled a new product that encourages multifamily borrowers to offer programs that improve the health and well-being of their tenants. Borrowers who take advantage of the Enhanced Resident Services™ product get a lower borrowing rate, flexible underwriting and other favorable terms as of Jan. 15 of this ...

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homebuyer terms

Terms Every Homebuyer Should Understand

Mon Feb 2018

Recently a survey from FREEandCLEAR revealed some surprising, even startling, information about how well many homebuyers understand the basics about mortgages. For example, close to 30% of those surveyed did not know that a shorter loan term – 10 years versus 30 years, for example—meant that they’d pay less interest ...

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mortgage lenders

Mortgage Lenders Remain Optimistic About Purchases, But Cautious About Profits this Quarter

Wed Jan 2018

Mortgage lenders are expecting increased demand for purchase loans this quarter, although they do not expect this to be a good quarter for profits, according to the most recent Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey results released by Fannie Mae in December. In fact, mortgage lenders’ net-profit margin outlook has been negative ...

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mobile devices

The Importance of Keeping Mobile Devices Secure

Thu Jan 2018

At Lakeside Title, we believe that keeping mobile devices secure is more important than ever. A recent report by Inman, for example, indicated that escrow scams targeting real estate agents and their clients were significantly higher in 2017 than the year before. It estimates that homebuyers lost $969 million to ...

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home purchase

6 Things to Consider Before Making a Home Purchase

Tue Jan 2018

Have you found the home of your dreams and ready to make a home purchase? Or are you planning to buy a home in the near future? If so, we’re thrilled for you. Buying a home is something most of us do only a few times in a lifetime. And ...

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homes sell

Renovation Features that Help Homes Sell

Mon Jan 2018

A team of data experts at realtor.com recently analyzed which features added during home renovations tend to pay off the most when homes sell. They looked at a variety of home amenities, and came up with a list of 15 features that not only help sellers to recoup their renovation ...

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