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How to Appeal to Millennial Homebuyers

Jul 31st 2017

What Millennial Homebuyers Want in a Home According to a recent study on housing trends done by the National Association of Realtors, the Millennial generation has overtaken Generation X in the housing market. While not all Millennial homebuyers are looking for the same thing, most agents agree that they have a ...

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Understanding the Millennial Homebuyer

Jul 25th 2017

Millennial Homebuyer Insights You may have heard that Millennials are making a big impact on today’s housing market as many are breaking into the market to purchase their first homes. In fact, their recent demand for affordable housing has been credited with creating stiff competition in some areas and pushing home ...

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Four Fast Saving Tips for That Big Home Down Payment

Jul 17th 2017

Most Americans have a hard time saving money. The U.S. Federal Reserve states that over 45% of Americans do not even have $400 in their savings account. Even after raises and promotions, studies show that income increases often result in an increase of spending. Savings are vital, especially if you’re ...

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Why Property Taxes Matter when Buying a Home

Jul 7th 2017

You should always look at the real estate property taxes when shopping for a home. That’s because lenders consider this amount when qualifying you for a loan, and you must be able to afford this amount in addition to the costs of the home. Here’s How it Works When a lender pre-qualifies ...

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The Importance of Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Jun 30th 2017

Performing due diligence is important for both the buyer and seller involved in a commercial real estate transaction. The buyer, of course, needs to know what he or she is getting into and should have all of the necessary information available to them in order to make an informed decision ...

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Saving for a Down Payment Is Still the Biggest Challenge for New Homebuyers

Jun 20th 2017

Zillow has published its first Housing Aspirations Report (ZHAR). This report is the result of a semi-annual survey of 10,000 Americans that delves into their perspectives on homeownership and their home buying plans. One of the most significant findings of the report is that more than two-thirds of renters across ...

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Which Maryland Localities Pay the Highest Property Taxes?

Jun 13th 2017

Real property taxes are comprehensive, meaning you pay taxes on both the land and any permanent structures built on it. The average property tax paid by homeowners in a given area, however, is more complex than the standalone tax amount. The median home sale price, for example, can significantly increase ...

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Lakeside Title Company attends 2017 National Settlement Services Summit

Jun 6th 2017

Lakeside Title Company is excited to announce that we will be represented at the National Settlement Services Summit (NS3) this summer by our Chief Operating Officer, Yvonne Y. Deardorff, Esquire who will be attending the event! The national convention for title and settlement services will take place in San Antonio, ...

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How does the US Housing Market Compare to other World Powers?

May 30th 2017

Many real estate reports are nationally focused, comparing statistics across states, cities, and neighborhoods. International reports that compare the US housing market to those in other countries can also be very useful. Goldman Sachs recently published a report that compares the real estate markets in Group of Ten, or G10, ...

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A Builders’ Guide to Millennial Homebuyers’ Home Preferences

May 19th 2017

What are Millennial homebuyers looking for in their new homes? Builders and realtors everywhere need to take note. If you're curious, you’ve come to the right place! Millennial Homebuyers Buying Homes Over the next few years, we will see Millennials transition from an overlooked generation of savers to a thriving generation of buyers. ...

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