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Lakeside recognizes the value of providing the tools Real Estate Agents need to make a transaction run smoothly. You want a great experience for your clients, and we want to be a partner in that goal every step of the way.

More than anything else, you need accurate and dependable estimates to provide your buyers. You need a title company that's friendly, flexible, and fast. We will meet, and exceed all of your expectations.

Whether you're refinancing or purchasing a home, Lakeside Title is designed to represent your best interests, and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. Have some questions about the process? Let us help.

Our business philosophy caters perfectly to home builders. We attend to all of the title work details, so you can focus on building new homes for your buyers. We're invested in your success.

More than a title provider, we are your partner.

Lakeside Title Company recognizes the value of providing the tools realtors, lenders, buyers, sellers and builders need to make transactions run smoothly. We pride ourselves on protecting our clients every step of the way and delivering a great experience for you and your client. Lakeside Title Company is more than a title provider, we are a true partner.

Title Stream Blogs

Jun 25 2020

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Jun 18 2020

Surprising Effects of Coronavirus on Maryland’s Housing Market

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Jun 11 2020

Liens 101: a Primer on the Various Types of Liens

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