Millennial Home Buyers

How Student Loan Debt Affects Millennial Home Buyers

Tue Feb 2019

College is more expensive than ever these days, which means a majority of millennial students were required to take out a loan in order to attend. However, it can take years before these loans are even half paid off. This burden is having a negative, far-reaching effect on the lives ...

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Home Upgrades to Increase Value

Consider These Home Upgrades to Increase Value

Thu Feb 2019

Renovations and upgrades to the features of your home are great ways to increase its value. However, how does one do this without spending a fortune? Well, you can actually make a serious positive impact on the value of your home with small investments to only the features that today’s ...

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Upgrading to a Bigger Home

Key Factors to Consider Before Upgrading to a Bigger Home

Wed Feb 2019

Feeling a little claustrophobic in your current home? You may have recently added more members to your family or plan on doing so in the future. Additionally, there’s a chance you have a friend or relative that is staying with you or you are someone who has frequent guests. Regardless ...

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Impact of New Solar Technology on Commercial Buildings

The Potential Impact of New Solar Technology on Commercial Buildings

Mon Feb 2019

We are one step closer to getting energy self-sufficient buildings all around the world. Olga Malinkiewicz, a Polish physicist and entrepreneur, has found a low-cost solution to making solar panels available to areas with little sunlight. Below we take a look at the potential impact of new solar technology on ...

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amazon housing communities

Are Amazon Housing Communities the Future of Housing?

Mon Jan 2019

“Alexa, can you build me a community?” In case you were wondering, smart technology is not a fad that is going away anytime soon. In fact, Amazon housing communities are opening across the nation. What Are Amazon Housing Communities?   Amazon has decided to expand their trillion dollar company to the housing industry, ...

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maryland home buyers

Maryland Home Buyers: Watch Out for Real Estate Fraud

Fri Jan 2019

While technology permits easy communication throughout the home buying process and thus a simpler transaction, it doesn’t come free of risks. Take for example a resident of Maryland named Bill Wiesand, who received an email from his real estate agent telling him that the title company needs him to deposit ...

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government shutdown's impact on real estate

The Government Shutdown’s Impact on Real Estate

Fri Jan 2019

By now, you have most definitely heard that the government shut down at the end of December because Democrats refused to fund President Trump’s construction of “the wall.” No matter where you stand on politics, a government shutdown can have multiple adverse effects on various industries. So, what exactly is ...

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reducing closing costs

Tips for Reducing Closing Costs

Wed Jan 2019

Closing costs are mandatory fees that a home buyer and seller will pay when finalizing a purchase of a home. Usually, these fees can range between 2% to 7% of the total price of the home. That means that if you were to purchase a home that costs $250,000, you ...

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ideal day to purchase a home

The Ideal Day to Purchase a Home

Thu Dec 2018

Move over, Black Friday. A recent report suggests that there’s an even better day to save money over the rest of the year. While this day won’t bring you deals on a new 4K television, it will definitely be appealing for anyone in the market for a new home. The ...

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real estate trends expected in 2019

Real Estate Trends Expected in 2019

Thu Dec 2018

Wondering how the new year will affect the real estate market? While there’s no telling what changes 2019 will definitely bring, we can share some predictions. Here are a few of the real estate trends expected in 2019: Prediction #1: Increased Inventory   Recently, as you may have known, the housing market has ...

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