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Lakeside Title Company recognizes the value of providing the tools realtors, lenders, buyers, sellers and builders need to make transactions run smoothly. We pride ourselves on protecting our clients every step of the way and delivering a great experience for you and your client. Lakeside Title Company is more than a title provider, we are a true partner.

Title Stream Blogs

ideal day to purchase a home

Dec 27 2018

The Ideal Day to Purchase a Home

Move over, Black Friday. A recent report suggests that there’s an even better day to save money over the rest ...

real estate trends expected in 2019

Dec 20 2018

Real Estate Trends Expected in 2019

Wondering how the new year will affect the real estate market? While there’s no telling what changes 2019 will definitely ...

single-family homes explained

Dec 12 2018

Single-Family Homes Explained

When you see "single-family homes" listed on a real estate website, you probably think that it can be defined simply ...