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Reverse Mortgages

Are you stuck in a reverse mortgage and need expert advice and legal assistance? We can help! At Lakeside Law Firm, LLC we pride ourselves on assisting seniors with reverse mortgage issues and delivering the legal advice you need to settle your issues effectively and promptly.

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Trusted Legal Advisors for All Real Estate Matters.

Lakeside Law Firm, LLC recognizes the value of providing the right tools and legal advice to seniors, home buyers, and sellers to make their real estate transactions run smoothly. We pride ourselves on protecting our clients every step of the way and delivering accurate and experienced legal assistance for you and your family. All Affiliated Attorneys Listed are Barred in the State of Maryland

Our Team

  • Yvonne Y. Deardorff, Attorney-at-Law, Partner
  • Kathleen C. Gibison, Attorney-at-Law, Partner
  • Raina M. Rath, Attorney-at-Law, Partner
  • Beau Pichon, Attorney-at-Law, Partner
  • John-Paul Douglas, Attorney-at-Law, Associate
  • Alexandra Laperouse, Attorney-at-Law, Associate
  • Marc Malakoff, Attorney-at-Law, Associate
  • Stephanie O. Marcello Attorney-at-Law, Associate
  • Christine Sadler, Attorney-at-Law, Associate
  • Ibironke Sobande, Attorney-at-Law, Associate
  • Sharon Amereihn, Paralegal
  • Christine Douglas, Paralegal
  • Amanda Green, Paralegal
  • Joseph Goldsmith, Legal Assistant
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