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Lakeside Title Company recognizes the value of providing the tools realtors, lenders, buyers, sellers and builders need to make transactions run smoothly. We pride ourselves on protecting our clients every step of the way and delivering a great experience for you and your client. Lakeside Title Company is more than a title provider, we are a true partner.

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privacy on linkedin

Jan 13 2021

How LinkedIn is Key to Loan Officer Success

In the professional world, one social media platform is king: LinkedIn. LinkedIn, if you're not already familiar, allows you to ...


Jan 03 2021

Applying for a Mortgage? Here Are the Top Reasons Mortgage Apps Are Denied

According to a study by Lending Tree, about one in every 10 persons applying for a mortgage gets turned down. ...


Dec 24 2020

Time to Refinance: The Process and Timeframe

Refinancing your mortgage can allow you to withdraw some of the money from your home equity or obtain lower interest ...