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10 Tips to Generate Interest in a Stale Listing

September 7, 2019

A stale listing is one of a real estate agent’s worst nightmares. The longer a listing sits on the market, the less attractive it becomes to prospective buyers. If you’re stuck with a stale listing, here are 10 ways you can help generate more interest:

1 – Get an outside opinion: Sometimes, you’re so close to the home you can no longer spot issues. You can invest in a stager to come in and provide some tips to bring the home up to date with a stylish makeover. But often it just takes an outsider to look at the home with fresh eyes to point out issues you can fix yourself.

2 – Ask for feedback: Speak to buyers’ agents to find out what turned their clients off. If you deal with some agents on a regular basis reach out and ask why they decided not to share the listing with their buyers. With some constructive criticism from your target, you can fix the exact issues that are keeping buyers at bay.

3 – Use a floor plan: Sometimes a virtual tour or slide show can be a little confusing. People might not understand the flow of the home, which can reduce interest. You can add a floorplan that will help them envision the home more clearly, which might spark interest in more viewings.

4 – Highlight the area: As you know location is always important for buyers. If the area has charming aspects people might not know about, add community images to highlight the amenities and unique features that might attract more buyers. This can even include a creative video touring the area, speaking to locals and interviewing shop and café owners.

5 – Re-evaluate your photos: Did you take the fast route and shoot your property photos using your phone? Did you run out of time and not stage the home for the photos? If yes, you need to hire a pro to redo those images. If you did hire a pro, look for issues with your images and choose the worst ones to retake. Then do a new impressive exterior shot so people see it as a new listing.

6 – Tell a story: Your property description should tell a story about the home, its features and what makes it unique. Include special details about the area as well if it will help.

7 – Hold better open houses: If you aren’t holding regular open houses, start. If you are, make them more exciting. Invite agents to a special event at the home with prizes and consider doing a walkthrough tour video or even live streaming your open house on social media.

8 – Review your pricing strategy: If your listing is months old, is your price still standing up to area comps? Revisit your price and see if you are maybe too high.

9 – Fix curb appeal: Houses that sit on the market too long start to look neglected. Sellers lose interest in maintaining a garden when they plan to move. Fix up curb appeal with a garden and lawn overhaul, fresh paint on the door, new accessories on the porch and anything else you can think of to show pride of ownership.

10 – Use social media and content to draw attention: Post regular updates about the home on social media, highlighting features and news about the community. Write a blog about the community and post it on your social pages. There are plenty of apps to help with your marketing efforts.

Using these strategies can help breathe some new life into your stale listings.

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