Strange Real Estate Laws: Is It Illegal to Have a Couch on Your Porch?

September 29, 2020

Real estate laws are made up of federal, state, and local statutes that govern how individuals and organizations may use, develop, or transfer real property. At the state and federal levels, real estate laws are generally pretty uniform. When you get down to the local level, however, things get downright weird.

Strange Real Estate Laws

Aspen, Colorado

They ruin all the fun! In this snowy ski-town, throwing snowballs at public or private property is illegal. Lumped into the same law is a prohibition of throwing any missiles of any kind at public or private property. This includes shooting guns — a part that we certainly agree with!

Boulder, Colorado

Take for instance Boulder, Colorado, where it is illegal to have a couch on your porch. As with the rest of the items on this list, the law tells you something about the town. What kind of people would put couches on their porches? College students, of course, and Boulder is a huge college town, home to the University of Colorado. Other college towns across the country have followed in Boulder’s footsteps.

Ridgeland, Mississippi

In Ridgeland, Mississippi it is illegal to install burglar bars on the outside of your windows. They may be installed inside so they are not visible to the street, but not on the exterior. Homes with burglar bars that were installed before 1996 are exempt.

Walnut, California

This town has something against dirt, sand, rock, cement, rock, trash, rubbish and dead animal carcases. All of them are not allowed on your property. Though with the ongoing California drought, this code is not being enforced too much. Many homeowners have opted for eco-friendly landscaping, like decorative rocks, that require no water.

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