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Single-Story Home Construction

Why Single-Story Home Construction is Rising, and Where

Oct 25th 2019

Why is single-story home construction on the rise? Well, with an aging population, it’s no surprise that single-story homes seem to be popping up everywhere. Health conditions and mobility issues all make staircases a problem for seniors. As Baby Boomers age, demand increases for single-story homes. This may be the largest ...

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trade in zillow

Trade in Your House Like You Trade In Your Car at Zillow

Oct 19th 2019

Buying a new car and selling your old car has a certain simplicity when you’re trading it in. Drive into the dealer’s parking lot in your old vehicle and you can drive right out in a new one. Zillow’s ambitious Zillow Offers program seeks to make the process of selling ...

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SAFE Banking Act

Bill Giving Cannabis Companies Access to Banking, Title Insurance Passes House

Oct 10th 2019

While many states move ahead with legalizing cannabis, the federal government has been slow to respond. This discrepancy between state and federal law presents challenges for state-legal cannabis businesses, whether medical or recreational. Now, a bill has been passed that clears up some of this minefield.  In September, the House of ...

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Time-Saving Tips for Real Estate Agents

5 Time-Saving Tips for Real Estate Agents

Oct 5th 2019

Real estate agents have a lot of irons in the fire. That is, they need to be engaged with multiple clients, working on their marketing for their own business, the marketing for the properties they’re selling, onboarding new clients, and so much more. Everyone can use a few extra minutes. ...

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fixer upper

Here’s What to Look for in a Fixer Upper

Sep 18th 2019

The fixer upper has been touted as the lifesaver for homebuyers with limited budgets. Thanks to many popular televisions shows, the miraculous transformation from nightmare to dream home seems simple enough. If you are low on cash, buying and renovating a fixer upper is always an option. However, remember that the ...

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housing market right now

5 Ways Consumers See the Housing Market Right Now

Sep 15th 2019

Consumer sentiment concerning the housing market can provide insight into what prospective clients are thinking. A lack of willingness to participate in the market can impact your success. If you understand consumer sentiment you can come up with a marketing plan that helps ease their pain points. As well, consumer ...

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stale listing

10 Tips to Generate Interest in a Stale Listing

Sep 7th 2019

A stale listing is one of a real estate agent’s worst nightmares. The longer a listing sits on the market, the less attractive it becomes to prospective buyers. If you’re stuck with a stale listing, here are 10 ways you can help generate more interest: 1 - Get an outside opinion: ...

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construction noise

Annoyed by Construction Noise? Turn it into Music

Sep 3rd 2019

Noise is subjective. What constitutes noise for one person might not be noise for another. A good example is music. When your neighbors blare your least favorite kind of music, you consider it noise.  Since noise is defined as “unwanted sound,” you would figure construction sounds are something everyone would find ...

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This is a picture of hemp, the primary ingredient of hempcrete

Demand High for “Hempcrete,” a Cannabis-Based Building Material

Aug 21st 2019

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp growing. Hemp is the taller, more fibrous cousin of marijuana. Since hemp has been made legal, interest has grown in a material used in Europe for years called “hempcrete.” These renewable materials were used in place of fiberglass insulation, sheetrock, drywall, and even ...

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This picture shows Tampa, one of the cities where you can afford to retire by 40, according to Redfin.

6 Cities Where You Can Afford to Retire at 40

Aug 17th 2019

Have you heard of FIRE or financial independence/early retirement? Even if you haven't, you may be among the many Americans dreaming of retiring early, perhaps as soon as 40. Depending on your circumstances, you might use many strategies to make it happen. Whatever you choose, your home will factor into ...

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