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real estate podcasts

6 Must-Listen Real Estate Podcasts for Pros and Geeks

Apr 24th 2019

Podcasts are easy-to-digest audio recordings, making them the perfect way to learn while you walk the dog, wash the dishes, or drive to work. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, thinking of investing, or want some new insights into the market, grab your earbuds and take ...

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facebook ad targeting

Facebook Ad Targeting Changes: What It Means for Real Estate Agents

Apr 17th 2019

Many real estate agents have depended on Facebook as part of their marketing efforts for years. That is largely due to the site’s hyper-targeting tools that made reaching the right audience easy. However, recent announcements about Facebook ad targeting being discriminatory have changed the way ad targeting will work for ...

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real estate markets

Real Estate Markets Revealed in an Entirely New Way

Apr 10th 2019

A mapping tool introduced by Zimmerman/Volk Associates (ZVA) is providing a new way to look at market turnover. These at-a-glance statistics offer a quick look at local real estate markets with an interactive map that makes zoning in on any county in the U.S. a breeze. You can try the ...

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amazon mortgage lenders

Will Amazon Create Prime Competition for Mortgage Lenders?

Apr 3rd 2019

The mortgage industry has been keeping a nervous eye on Amazon, fearing it is just a matter of time before the company forces its way into the real estate finance business. Although it is not unreasonable for lenders to be worried about a tech giant bullying their way into their ...

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instagram hashtags

How Realtors Can Grow Their Business with Instagram Hashtags

Mar 27th 2019

There are a growing number of social platforms available for real estate agents, each offering its own special audience and strategy. When it comes to Instagram, mastering the art of hashtags is a must to further your reach and make stronger social connections. Here are some simple tips to help ...

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va loan refinances

New Rules for VA Loan Refinances Designed to Protect Homeowners from Scammers

Mar 22nd 2019

In September 2018, cash outs accounted for 86% of all VA refinancing. Cash out refinancing options offer cash up front to homeowners, while charging higher interest rates, trumped-up banking fees, and longer terms. In some cases, all the associated costs were comparable to charging $70 on a $100 loan. When ...

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low-volume business climate

How Mortgage Lenders and Brokers Thrive in Low-Volume Business Climates

Mar 15th 2019

When a low-volume business climate is on the horizon, mortgage lenders and brokers have to hone their skills and improve their sales pitch to stand out from the competition. Take the bull by the horns using the techniques top mortgage lenders and brokers use to thrive in a low-volume business ...

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devalue your home

Homeowner Alert: 10 Factors That Devalue Your Home

Mar 12th 2019

Many issues can negatively impact real estate values. Here are 10 factors that can negatively impact the value of your home.  Power Lines Power lines not only look bad and emit a buzzing sound, but they are also rumored to cause health issues. Although there is no solid proof of ...

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Millennial Home Buyers

How Student Loan Debt Affects Millennial Home Buyers

Feb 26th 2019

College is more expensive than ever these days, which means a majority of millennial students were required to take out a loan in order to attend. However, it can take years before these loans are even half paid off. This burden is having a negative, far-reaching effect on the lives ...

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Home Upgrades to Increase Value

Consider These Home Upgrades to Increase Value

Feb 21st 2019

Renovations and upgrades to the features of your home are great ways to increase its value. However, how does one do this without spending a fortune? Well, you can actually make a serious positive impact on the value of your home with small investments to only the features that today’s ...

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