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construction noise

Annoyed by Construction Noise? Turn it into Music

Sep 3rd 2019

Noise is subjective. What constitutes noise for one person might not be noise for another. A good example is music. When your neighbors blare your least favorite kind of music, you consider it noise.  Since noise is defined as “unwanted sound,” you would figure construction sounds are something everyone would find ...

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This is a picture of hemp, the primary ingredient of hempcrete

Demand High for “Hempcrete,” a Cannabis-Based Building Material

Aug 21st 2019

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp growing. Hemp is the taller, more fibrous cousin of marijuana. Since hemp has been made legal, interest has grown in a material used in Europe for years called “hempcrete.” These renewable materials were used in place of fiberglass insulation, sheetrock, drywall, and even ...

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This picture shows Tampa, one of the cities where you can afford to retire by 40, according to Redfin.

6 Cities Where You Can Afford to Retire at 40

Aug 17th 2019

Have you heard of FIRE or financial independence/early retirement? Even if you haven't, you may be among the many Americans dreaming of retiring early, perhaps as soon as 40. Depending on your circumstances, you might use many strategies to make it happen. Whatever you choose, your home will factor into ...

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This picture shows a beautiful piece of Multi-Family Real Estate

4 Reasons Multi-Family Real Estate is Booming

Aug 10th 2019

Apartments, condos, and even duplexes count as multi-family real estate properties. Why is the interest in these properties booming and interest in owning a single-family dwelling home shrinking? Igor Krivoruchko, a partner with LUXE residential, saw this trend coming and has been investing in multi-family properties, including luxury apartments. And ...

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refi boom

Mortgage Lenders Brace for Refi Boom, but Borrowers Are Leaving Money on Table

Aug 6th 2019

Are you expecting many of your customers to come back for refinancing or many new customers to seek you out? That would make sense as interest rates are dropping. This August, the average 30-year fixed mortgage sunk down to 3.70%. That is the lowest the rate has been since November ...

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housing markets for buyers

These are the Best 12 Housing Markets for Buyers in 2019

Jul 29th 2019

If you're considering buying a home, you have your eye out for signs that your market is seeing changes in growth and supply. The overall national housing market is seeing a decline in housing price growth. Home prices have almost always climbed, so this change means that you can afford ...

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top loan officers

The Top Loan Officers in the Nation Dish on the Industry and How to Run a Business

Jul 22nd 2019

The mortgage loan industry is always changing, and this year, not all of that change was positive. There was a national drop in volume in 2018. It’s more important than ever to learn from the best and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry to be successful. National ...

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Why You Need Title Insurance for a Newly Constructed Home

Why You Need Title Insurance for a Newly Constructed Home

Jul 15th 2019

If you’re purchasing a brand new house, you’re probably wondering why you need title insurance on a newly constructed home. Title insurance is about protecting yourself from the debts, obligations, and errors to the title that the previous owners of your home may have incurred, but no one has owned ...

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The Percentage of Home Sellers Who Cried During the Process May Surprise You

Jul 5th 2019

If you’re considering selling your home right now, and you’re already stressed, it may comfort you to know that you’re not alone. About a third of home sellers are so stressed that they end up crying during the process, according to Zillow. And those who cry are likely to cry ...

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chrome extensions real estate

The Chrome Extensions Real Estate Agents Can’t Live Without

Jun 19th 2019

If you’re a fan of Google Chrome, these extensions will help you nail your marketing tasks while keeping you on task and saving you time. Look no further for extensions real estate agents will love! Text and Copy BFFs Got stuff to write? These extensions will help: Counting Character Ugh. Character limits are everywhere ...

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